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About us

Hatz is a global acting and independent specialist for industrial diesel engines. The engines are used in all areas of application, such as construction equipment, compressors, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, generator sets, trucks as well as ships.

More than 900 staff are employed in the Hatz group worldwide – about five per cent of them in research and development. The global service network includes more than 500 service centres, 13 sales branches and 114 Hatz distributors in over 120 countries. Being so close, a rapid supply of products and spare parts and a quick response to customer needs can be ensured.

The product portfolio of Hatz Diesel ranges from small and compact air-cooled single-cylinder diesel engines with 1.5 kilowatts up to air- and liquid-cooled four-cylinder engines with 62 kilowatts of power. In addition to a compact design of the single-cylinder engines Hatz is known across the full engine range for the reliability and durability of its products.

Products and services

Compact, light, economical, robust and environmentally friendly: The new generation of Hatz common-rail diesel engines – the H-series – provides everything expected from a powerful and modern industrial engine.

A groundbreaking downsizing approach was adopted in the development of the Hatz H-series. The outcome are extremely compact, turbocharged 1.5 and 2 litre engines that reach a maximum output of 62 kilowatts, setting benchmarks in their performance classes. The model portfolio embraces various three-cylinder and four-cylinder models. They impress through their quiet running, dynamics and maintenance friendliness. Their constantly low fuel consumption over a wide load range sets the benchmark.

Only high quality parts are used in the Hatz H-series engines. These include an injection system and sensor system from well-known manufacturers. The fulfilment of the stringent exhaust emission limits in the EU and the USA is made even without the use of a diesel particulate filter.
Hatz 3H50T

Hatz 3H50T

The full power of 18.4 kW of the new liquid cooled Hatz 3H50T engines is reached at only 1350 rpm as well as a high torque of 130 Nm. This is how this supercharged diesel engines with 1.5 l displacement ensure, for instance, that torque intensive capacities can be mastered without any problem. These values make the Hatz 3H50T more powerful, less noisy and more efficient than all other 3-cylinder engines in the power class of less than 19 kW.

Hatz 3H50TIC

Hatz 3H50TIC

The liquid cooled Hatz 3H50TIC was primarily developed for the US market and Canada. In order to ensure compliance with the emission standards US EPA Tier 4 final and EU Stage IIIB, the proven combination of an external gas recirculation and a diesel oxidation catalyst reduces substances potentially harmful to the environment to the required level – without the need of a diesel particulate filter. Therefore the engine still achieves up to 42 kW and provides a torque of 185 Nm.

Hatz 4H50TIC

Hatz 4H50TIC

With 2 l displacement, the Hatz 4H50TIC has output up to 55 kW and a maximum torque of 240 Nm. Due to an optimised combustion chamber geometry, combined with the sophisticated technology of the Bosch common-rail system, the particulate emissions are considerably reduced. Therefore it is possible to achieve the exhaust emissions standards EU Stage IIIB and US EPA Tier 4 final without the use of a diesel particulate filter. With a weight of 173 kg the Hatz 4H50TIC is the benchmark in its class.

News & Innovations

Silent power pack – Hatz Diesel presents an industrial four-cylinder with sound insulation 

Powerful, but gentle – this is demonstrated by Hatz and their four-cylinder diesel engine from the H-series with the newly developed Silent Pack- The state of the art Hatz 4H50TIC diesel unit performs up to 55 kilowatts at a maximum torque of 240 newton meters and complies with all current norms...| » Further reading 

Cleverly mastering the motorisation of compact machines despite Stage V 

Through downsizing many compact machines with a performance class of 19 to 37 kilowatts can also be appropriately driven with diesel engines of less than 19 kilowatts. This saves machine manufacturers time and costs in implementing the Stage V standard.   The basis for this are modern engin...| » Further reading 


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