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News and innovations published by German exhibitors

Blickle improves safety at industrial workplaces

A focus on safety Internal material flow processes involve potential hazards which far too often are the cause of injuries to employees. Blickle has developed a wide range of system solutions which make transport systems safer to operate and prevent accidents. Blickle’s drum and dead man’s...

Exhibitor: Blickle Castors (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

Important information about electrically conductive and antistatic wheels and castors

Increasing importance of electrically conductive castors Electrically conductive wheels and castors are important system components in almost all industrial sectors from medical engineering, electrical and semi-conductor industries, to the automotive industry, to hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and...

Exhibitor: Blickle Castors (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

Innovative Solutions for Critical Applications

With today’s increasingly complex production systems, the generation of compressed air represents a significant cost factor. By means of optimal planning as well as efficient components and systems, it is sometimes possible to achieve double-digit cost savings. Our product diversity and...

Exhibitor: ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

Special parts at record speed.1 day to the quote1 week to the prototype1 month to the series-produced part

The advantages of FastLane at a glance: Fast.   1 day to the quotation.   1 week to the prototype.   1 month to the series-produced part. Individual.   Development of a special part, specifically for your requirements. Co-operative.   Close...

Exhibitor: Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG

sealing plug with o ring - GPN 737

Sealing and resilient: GPN 737. The standardized sealing plug is suitable for internal threads in accordance with DIN 3852-1 and DIN ISO 6149-1. The circumferential sealing lip and the o-ring prevent the penetration or leaking of liquids depending on the application. Moreover, the...

Exhibitor: Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG

Univeral Protection Product - GPN 610

Conic and extremely multifunctional: GPN 610. The universal protection is particularly flexible and due to its nature is ideal to accomodate tolerances. As plug and cap in one GPN 610 reliably protects studs and external threads and closes off bore holes and  internal threads.

Exhibitor: Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG

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