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About us

NERAK manufactures some of the world´s most technically advanced vertical conveying equipment for unit loads and loose bulk materials.

This has made NERAK an OEM partner for system suppliers and end users. Our experience extends from the specification of individual elevators to complete systems.

  • corrosive and abrasive resistant
  • gentle handling
  • hygienic - suitable for C.I.P. systems
  • quiet and smooth running
  • no lubrication required
  • flexible layouts

We prefer to be involved throughout a project, from the initial feasibility, through project planning, detailed design, manufacturing, commissioning to maintenance and servicing.

Products and services

NERAK as the specialists offer for nearly every task in vertical conveying solution.

It doesn't matter if you want to convey Euro pallets, single newspapers, silica lumps or finest dust: For the vertical conveying of unit loads and bulk solids NERAK offers various systems. Simple bucket conveyor or heavy load pallet lifts, NERAK products are for years worldwide successful operating and are always the optimal solution for the individual application.

The NERAK conveying systems own as driving element the NERAK rubber block chain produced in a high technical process under high quality requirements.

The NERAK rubber block chain grants by its

  • Maintenance free operation and
  • Longevity

a very high availability.

The mechanical qualities allow conveying distances and loads which can partly not be realized with conventional conveying systems.

Vertical S-Conveyor for boxes and totes

NERAK continuous vertical conveyors can provide considerable space saving over more conventional inclined conveyors and can be configured for "S" or "C" shape.

A series of polyester rods form the platforms which are carried by NERAK rubber block chains, providing quiet smooth running with high throughput rates.

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Circulating Conveyor

In large distribution warehouses and mail order centers there is often the requirement for the rapid movement of goods between many floor levels. The NERAK circulating vertical conveyor combines the well proven "paternoster principle" with innovative NERAK rubber block chains to provide an economical and technically excellent solution. Plastic totes, boxes, trays and parcels can be conveyed between floors at up to 1,500 units/hr.

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Portal Lifter

NERAK Lift is designed for payloads up to 200 kg. A carrier guided in 2 steel tracks and fixed to two NERAK Rubber Block Chains is lifted and lowered by a geared brake motor. Multiple stations can be supported. Electrical services to the carrier are supplied via a cable chain. Lifting system is designed to operate with or without counter weight, depending on the required load and capacity. The carrier can be fitted with different types of horizontal conveyors.

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