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Important information about electrically conductive and antistatic wheels and castors

Increasing importance of electrically conductive castors

Electrically conductive wheels and castors are important system components in almost all industrial sectors from medical engineering, electrical and semi-conductor industries, to the automotive industry, to hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and other chemical industrial sectors. They prevent painful electrostatic discharges to the truck user and also protect fragile transported material against damage or failure.

The use of electrically conductive or antistatic wheels plays an important role, especially in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The testing and acceptance criteria for electrically conductive wheels and castors are anchored within standards DIN EN 12526 - 12533 and ISO 2878! In this case, there are:
• antistatic wheels and castors (leak resistance <107 Ohm and <105 Ohm), and
• electrically conductive wheels and castors (leak resistance <104 Ohm)

To guarantee such requirements, Blickle tests electrically conductive wheels on a special test bench in line with DIN EN 12527. Measurements take place on 3 different locations on the wheel's tread. This ensures that even in critical applications, any electrostatic potentials that may occur can be safety dissipated via the wheels and castors used.

Protect yourself and your products with the aid of electrically conductive wheels and castors from Blickle!

Exhibitor: Blickle Castors (Taicang) Co., Ltd.